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Who Is TallTal?

Coming in at 6’8”, Tal Thompson or TallTal is an award-winning teacher, leader, motivational speaker, coach, and consultant whose passion for education exceeds even his stature. Tal believes that everyone has unlimited and untapped potential. And, it’s his mission to unleash it and transform educators and everyday students into world changers!

As a teacher, Tal works with STUDENTS every day to achieve their true potential, equipping them with an INTENTIONAL set of skills and habits known as The Success Toolbelt. He intertwines these tools with traditional content to create authentic, exciting learning experiences. Tal’s students learn that true greatness is achieved by embracing adversity, seeking out struggle, and finding joy in overcoming obstacles. That is where lifelong learners are born.

As a speaker and trainer, Tal ignites the potential in GROWN UPS with every engagement. He equips participants to produce meaningful change, cultivate inspired learning experiences, and assist students in reaching their true greatness. Tal leaves educators with an invigorated spirit, reminding them that when they believe in their students, those students will believe in themselves, and over time, they will believe in their own greatness.

What Does TallTal Do?

Simply put, Tal ignites transformative thinking about the classroom learning experience.

Through every keynote presentation, professional development workshop, or consulting session, Tal leads educators through energetic and authentic learning. He lets them walk in their students’ shoes to demonstrate how true engagement can transform everyday students into passionate learners and ultimately world changers!

With these learning experiences, educators FEEL the magic and SEE the impact first-hand. They GROW as teachers and learn to CREATE the same powerful experience for their students.

Tal’s passion and energy for reigniting educators with their love for this profession is exceptional. Participants leave with an invigorated spirit to spark a lifelong love for learning within every student. pursue what is best for their students.


About Tal Thompson:

  • Award-winning, National Board Certified veteran teacher with 20+ years of experience
  • Currently teaches middle school in Charlottesville, Virginia
  • America’s Top Teacher 2015 finalist on the Live with Kelly and Michael Show
  • Citizen Education Elementary Teacher of the Year for the state of South Carolina
  • Golden Apple Award recipient
  • Passionate and energetic keynote speaker, workshop leader, coach, and consultant
  • Dedicated husband and father to two amazing young sons

How Does TallTal Do It?

Tal believes that authentic learning doesn’t come with step-by-step instructions, but rather through real-world experiences to cultivate confidence. It starts with teachers truly “seeing” their students, and building strong relationships with them so they can learn, grow, and gain confidence in the classroom and in real life. Over time, students begin to believe in themselves and their own greatness. Join him in this crucial movement!


"He inspires each student to aspire to a higher level."

"Tal Thompson stands out in the crowd, both literally and figuratively. He's nearly seven feet tall, has a loud, booming voice, and wears bright ties, loud socks and colorful tennis shoes. But his big presence isn't just for show; it matches his big passion for teaching kids… He sees each student as having the potential to do great things if they learn to work hard, take on new challenges, think creatively and take their responsibilities seriously. He doesn't teach to the middle, instead he inspires each student to aspire to a higher level of learning…"

– Shelly Cadena, Former Class Parent