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Professional Development Workshops

Choose from a variety of engaging & interactive workshops for your next professional development day. Various formats are available:

Half Day
Full Day
Summer Boot Camp Workshops

Workshop Descriptions

Engaging learning experiences through Energy, Passion, & Music

The environment that surrounds our students outside of school is incredibly stimulating and engaging. Video games, social media, movies, TV, smart phones, and more have made an average student’s life a giant roller coaster of excitement. How can a student experience that life and then come to school and be engaged in a non-exciting environment? In my years of teaching, I have learned two irrefutable truths. One, if teachers want to relate to kids, they must stay tuned into students’ outside interests. And two, teachers must use that current information to create learning experiences that match outside interests and engagement levels. In this workshop, we focus on how three methods of creating these learning experiences – Energy, Passion & Music.

Five Steps To Meet & Exceed High Expectations

High expectations in all aspects of education is the focus in most schools and districts around the country. Today’s students are struggling on challenging projects and activities. The education community is finding it harder and harder to succeed in reaching these expectations as student engagement level continues to drop. In this workshop, participants will be led through an engagement process – “TallTal’s Five Steps to Meet & Exceed High Expectations.” Educators will be equipped with the tools to facilitate their students meeting high expectations.

Games To Begin & Games To Close

In this workshop, participants will develop stimulating kick-start and close-out activities to motivate, engage, and reinforce their next lesson or unit. These activities are a great way to show students how valuable the content is and how exciting learning can be. Games to Begin and Games to Close allows participants to tap into that powerful mindset to create great games that will resonate and connect. Participants will be engulfed in hands-on projects both individually and in small groups to develop exciting activities that inspire and ignite passion.

Confidence: The Missing Ingredient To Raise The Roof

Everyday I seek opportunities to allow my students to shine, to amaze, to “Raise the Roof” on what is possible and excel beyond their wildest imaginations. Unfortunately, the product the kids produce is far from “Roof Raised” status. The problem is confidence. Or should I say, lack of confidence. No matter how complex, interactive, engaging, or rigorous the project is, it will not show off the awesomeness of the class and its students without confidence. In this workshop, we jump into the power of confidence in the classroom that leads to world changers in the real world. This workshop will equip attendees with a wealth of resources that will build confidence. Through confidence comes amazing creativity, outlandish critical thinking, engaging communication, and effective collaboration.

Partial List of Additional Workshop Topics

Coaching and Consulting

Tal will partner with your organization to meet your ongoing coaching, consulting, and/or curriculum needs. TallTal offers a variety of coaching/mentoring & consulting opportunities. Contact Tal to discuss tailoring his offerings to your needs. Sample offerings include:

  • One-on-One Teacher Coaching / Mentoring
  • Virtual Core Group Coaching – This is a “Train the Trainer” type of offering. TallTal will coach a small group from your organization to help them continue to spread the TALvolution throughout the rest of your organization.
  • Cultivating Confidence in the Classroom CoachingTeaching Philosophy Development Consulting

Confidence Curriculum

Curriculum is in the works. Coming soon.

“ In short, he changes kids’ lives every year and kids come out of his classroom as not only better students, but better humans in society. “ - 2015 Class Parent