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When Tal enters your event, you will notice a change like never before. Whether keynote, workshop, seminar, or training session… rest assured, your audience will leave with a new passion for their professional and personal journey. Tal’s energy & passion is contagious. Tal’s speeches entertain, educate, and engage audiences while inspiring them to reach new heights within their own areas of influence.

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When Tal steps in front of your audience, he will tackle the topic in a way that appeals to the audience and makes each task less daunting. He will empower the participants to make the bold steps needed in the workplace for positive change. Tal speaks about the secrets of cultivating confidence in all students – nothing the difference between true confidence and false confidence. Tal has been referred to as the “Human iPad” due to the engaging atmosphere he creates in his classroom. Tal will motivate your audience to create engaging and confidence inspiring experience back in their own classrooms.

“When I saw Tal speak he took me on the roller coaster of emotions. I laughed, I cried, and I left feeling better than when I arrived! He has unbounding energy on stage and the audience cannot help but participate right along with him. His message is strong, moving, and inspires change!”

- Jennifer Hanzlick, Founder and Owner, Clutter Trucker

“Tal is an exceptional speaker. What a powerful force for good! Tal's message of confidence got the audience on their feet and wanting more! The educational system here in the US desperately needs more Tal’s.”

- Reyna Bryan, Founder and Owner, Recycling Is Sexy

Do you want to equip your audience?

“I have been teaching for 17 years and have never seen the likes of him! He is one in a million and I am just so happy the whole country will be able to be inspired by him the way we have!!”

- Alison Whisenant, Teacher

"Tal is a passionate and energetic speaker. He was able to share a wealth of knowledge while being entertaining and engaging. Most importantly I was able to walk away with concrete strategies I could implement in my classroom immediately. It was in no way overwhelming, but incredibly inspirational and exciting. He reignites your passion for education.”

- Hannah Carney, Teacher

Tal’s gift is making the impossible seem possible to your audience. He has a way of making the monumental achievement seem accessible to all. His passion and energy ignite the crowd, which allows positive energy to rejuvenate the members. Your event needs this energy. Book Tal now and start the changes you wish to see in your organization.

Speech topics

EARNED CONFIDENCE: Surefire Strategies to Cultivate EARNED Confidence

What is the biggest enemy to confidence? FALSE confidence! It is destroying potential in today’s workforce and cripples production, collaboration, and creative solutions. The product leaving our educational system and entering the workforce does not embrace perseverance and is not equipped to learn from failure. A workforce that fears risk and refuses to leave its comfort zone will never reach its full potential and ensure that your business fails to innovate and grow. This keynote addresses this dilemma that is crippling the workforce, the future of your organization, business, or corporation. Participants will be taken on a comparison journey between employees that are equipped with EARNED confidence vs. employees equipped with FALSE confidence. Tal takes the audience through a ten-step process to cultivate EARNED confidence in any business, organization, or corporation.

The audience will be equipped with strategies to change the confidence culture of their business, organization, or corporation.

The Missing C: How Confidence is the Foundation for Cultivating the other 4 C’s of 21st Century Learners

This second keynote is based on one major component that is missing in education. It is meant to inspire change within schools, districts, educational policy, and more. In the education world, the word is out that we need to get students ready for the 4 C's (Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Creativity) of 21st Century Skills. This speech is about the missing C. Confidence. In order for the 4 C’s to be obtainable, students must first acquire confidence. With confidence comes perseverance, self-motivation, the ability to take risks, and the willingness to embrace failure. Until we equip our youth with confidence and the attributes that come with it, we will never reap the benefits of the 4 C's generation.

The audience will be equipped with a transformational strategy that can be instilled into their educational/organizational philosophy.