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  I LOVE seeing courage in action. Witnessing it is inspiring and can fill one with hope. It can start a movement and ignite change. Courage comes in many forms and has many definitions. So let’s be clear on the courage that I am talking about. In the most basic of definitions, I’m talking about the courage […] Read More

Empowered Community vs Classroom Community — Who Drives?

Success in the classroom depends on thousands of variables. They all have importance and they all deserve our attention. My focus here is on a very important variable. One with which I believe we have not been intentional. We need to rethink Community in the Classroom.   Don’t freak out just yet. I am not […] Read More

Constructivist Learners Learn HOW TO LEARN

Last year, my wife and I made the very difficult decision to uproot our family and move to Charlottesville, VA. To be more specific, we moved to Albemarle County Public Schools. A lot went into this decision to change jobs, change the kids’ schools, sell our house and build a new one. The driving reason […] Read More

My Advice for Incoming Teachers

Veteran teachers always look back on their early years and say:   “If only I knew then what I know now about this profession.” Or “I was so naive as a first year teacher.”   I think that to the high school senior choosing a college major, or the college student narrowing down their degree […] Read More

5 Ways to Cultivate a Creative Mindset in Classrooms

The real world puts great value in hiring the best person for an organization’s needs. Each industry is unique. They all have specific training that is needed for their employees to be successful, and they look for a certain skillset required for the job. However, within EVERY industry there is a common mindset that is […] Read More