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"When I saw Tal speak he took me on the roller coaster of emotions. I laughed, I cried, and I left feeling better than when I arrived! He has unbounding energy on stage and the audience cannot help but participate right along with him. His message is strong, moving, and inspires change! Every person in the education field will need to hear him speak."

Jennifer Hanzlick, Founder and Owner, Clutter Trucker

"Tal is an exceptional speaker. What a powerful force for good! Tal's message of confidence got the audience on their feet and wanting more! The educational system here in the US desperately needs more Tal’s."
Reyna Bryan, Founder and Owner, Recycling Is Sexy

"Tal is a passionate and energetic speaker.  He was able to share a wealth of knowledge while being entertaining and engaging.  Most importantly I was able to walk away with concrete strategies I could implement in my classroom immediately.  It was in no way overwhelming, but incredibly inspirational and exciting.  He reignites your passion for education."
Hannah Carney, Teacher


“Tal Thompson's passion for making a difference in the classroom is so evident in his presentation.  In his presentation to my pre-service Teaching Fellows, he inspired them to be innovative, courageous and passionate teachers.  His message was so powerful that many of them made reference to his presentation many months later as they began their student teaching experiences and how it inspired them to be their best in their own classrooms. When Tal speaks to a group, attendees can expect to be energized by his ideas, passion and obvious care for making a difference in education.  He challenges everyone to be teacher leaders.”

Kimberly Smoak, University of South Carolina, Campus Director of Teaching Fellows

I have been teaching for 17 years and have never seen the likes of him! He is one in a million and I am just so happy the whole country will be able to be inspired by him the way we have!!
Alison Whisenant, Teacher and Former Class Parent

See there are a lot of us out there that are good teachers and we will impact 22 students a year and that is great! But teachers like you will work to change the way other teachers teach, leading by example and because of this more than just 22 students a year will be impacted.
Kelly Jackson, Teacher and Former Class Parent

I just love working with such a bright, enthusiastic, innovative educator who is so passionate about his art.  He has been my inspiration his year.
Stephanie Paige, Teacher and Colleague


"Tal Thompson stands out in the crowd, both literally and figuratively. He's nearly seven feet tall, has a loud, booming voice, and wears bright ties, loud socks and colorful tennis shoes. But his big presence isn't just for show; it matches his big passion for teaching kids… He sees each student as having the potential to do great things if they learn to work hard, take on new challenges, think creatively and take their responsibilities seriously. He doesn't teach to the middle, instead he inspires each student to aspire to a higher level of learning…"

Shelly Cadena, Former Class Parent


"One of the biggest lessons Mr. Thompson has taught me as a teacher is we are never done being students. After every lesson I teach, he always asks me, “What could you do to add more rigor? What could you do to challenge your students even more? What would you go back and change or add to this lesson?” He is always pushing and challenging me, wanting me to be the best teacher I can be. Seeing the love he has for these kids and how much he wants them to succeed motivates me and makes me want to be the best teacher I can be. I don’t ever want to leave his class! But I can’t wait to have my own classroom and share with my future students what I have learned and taken from my experiences with him. He not only motivates and educates his elementary students; he motivates and teaches future teachers and educators."

Alexandra Manning, Student Teacher/Intern

“I wanted to convey to you how impressed I was with your presentation, “The Secret is Out – Lake Carolina is Shaping Agents of Change,” at the 2015 NAPDS Conference in Atlanta. As the Director of Education at Concord University, I was very interested in both your work with student teachers and with your work in the classroom!”
Richard S. Druggish, Ph.D., Concord University,Professor of Education and Director of Teacher Education

“Tal Thompson is the type of teacher that you would want your child to have. In fact, he is my son's teacher this year! His passion, expectations, and character are making a mark on our students which in turn is impacting our future. As an educator myself for 22 years, I can honestly say that we need more Tal Thompson's!”
Andrea Berry, Class Parent & Former Principal

“I want to tell you what a great person he is. He has such a passion for kids and teaching them. He strives to make learning fun and meaningful. His classroom is the kind of room we all hope our kids get to see every day. I truly believe he is one of the things that is great about education.”
Donn Harrison – 2015 America’s Top Teacher on Live with Kelly and Michael


He has taken a room of 40+ girls and boys and taught them the basic curriculum of the 4th grade, and far more importantly, he has groomed them into young ladies and gentleman of confidence, courage, and independence. Tal Thompson is a giant in stature, creativity, and in the lives a dozens of our future leaders.”
Susie Watts, Class Parent


"Every now and then, a teacher enters your kid's life, and you watch her world change. This happened for my sweet girl this year. As she has worked through a school year without her father, her teacher has become a shining star in her life. He has opened her eyes to trying and not worrying about failing. To dance and not worry who is watching. He has taught her to dream, and live, and share, and be proud of her beautiful brain. In short, he changed her trajectory and I will never forget him."

Melissa Seligman, Former Class Parent


"Tal Thompson is absolutely one of a kind. This man has made my son LOVE school!! He knows how to encourage, push, discipline, and love him in a way that he needs to grow. Tal sees the children as a whole person. He doesn't just think about teaching the standards. He takes the child first and then creates lessons to excite the children and challenge them in a way that makes them want more. He has changed my son into a hard working, lifelong learner, who understands the importance of personal accountability. Tal wants to transform these children into future leaders.  I appreciate his goal setting and the way he EXPECTS these children to work hard, be respectful, and be responsible. My baby would rather do anything than disappoint his teacher. He takes more risks as a learner because of the confidence he now has in himself."

Nicole Berzins, Class Parent

Short & Sweet Accolades

“In short, he changes kids’ lives every year and kids come out of his classroom as not only better students, but better humans in society.”


“His enthusiasm and love for what he does brought an incredible combination of learning & fun to the classroom.”


“Mr. Thompson has exceeded all our expectations with his engagement and creativity.”


"He's fantastic. He really is," said parent Andrea Berry. "He pours himself into teaching. Teaching is a hard, hard job. And he pours his whole self into it.


“He challenges every child to go beyond what they think they can do and somehow, with 44 kids, he manages to do that for each child," said parent Shelley Cadena.


“Mr. Thompson has a lot of energy so when he teaches we get excited and into it and it helps us remember it a lot easier."  Miguel Salinas, Former Student


“Even though he loves to have fun, he also means business. He loves to inspire us and other people, but also looks up to other people too. He has impacted me by showing me important life lessons. He teaches us to be very respectful and expects a lot from us every day. He makes going to school and learning fun and very exciting!”  Jacob Hatchell, Former Student


"He also wants us to learn about the world outside, not just the things we need to know for our tests.”  Carolina Cadena, Former Student